Why You Should Choose Peanut Butter Publishing

We realize there are literally hundreds of self-publishers out there from which you can choose. Many of them make promises that seem too good to be true—and if it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t true.

The notion of publishing books by reading options on a website, clicking a few boxes representing your best guesses given the information they provided and writing a check to someone you do not know (or even more important, does not know you) is tantamount to heading to Las Vegas and placing all your money on a random number at a roulette wheel. Sure, you could hit it big, but what are the chances?

Classic Day/Peanut Butter Publishing will not promise you that we are the least expensive solution out there. However, we are priced fairly and competitively and we feel strongly that while we may not be the cheapest, we will be one of the more cost-effective solutions in the self-publishing world.

So, what do we mean by cost effective? For starters, one of the pitfalls that self-publishers can run into is making costly mistakes. For inexperienced self-publishers looking for quick, low-cost solutions, results can often include graphics or type-setting that is not quite right, a look and feel that is not what was intended, or any of hundreds of other “surprises” that could compromise or delay your project.

When it comes to marketing, many self-publishing sites offer a myriad of services that will result is separating you from your money. Without a strong understanding of what your goals are or how those efforts will meet your goals, it only takes a few marketing mistakes to add up to a costly, time-consuming and frustrating experience.

With our expertise, Classic Day/Peanut Butter Publishing will work with you to get it right the first time.

Your book is likely a very personal thing to you. It deserves the experience level and personal attention that Classic Day/Peanut Butter Publishing can provide.

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