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Peanut Butter Publishing or Classic Day Publishing is the oldest small self-publishing business in the nation. For over 44 years, we have guided authors through the publishing process, providing services necessary to allow hundreds of people to fulfill their dreams and accomplish their goals of producing and marketing their books. We work with many seasoned authors but provide additional support and focus to newer authors who may require some additional guidance through the process.

Our authors publish many types of books and we are experienced and flexible enough to produce a fantastic look and feel for virtually any type of book you have in mind. Some people publish a textbook or a work that supports a speaking engagement. Some just want to produce a simple family book requiring a small number of copies. Others write biographies, self-help, instructional books, or novels. In each case, we can tailor our vast experience and personalized services to your individual needs and produce a great book you will be proud to associate with your name.

Writing a book requires a tremendous investment of time and authors have a great deal of emotional capital invested in this very personal effort. Some of our projects took their authors two to eight years to finish, while others took decades more. Regardless, the presentation of the final product is a critical benchmark and we can guide you through every step of the process with personalized professional care. Self-publishing is the right solution for many people. We focus on building a relationship with our authors and producing high-quality publications that will get you started on your established objectives. We understand that getting your first book on the market is important to you, so it is important to us that the final product represents the work and passion you devoted to your project.

Our website is designed to educate and answer questions that can help you decide whether self-publishing is for you. Many self-publishing companies focus directly on the mass production of the project itself, which ends with cookie-cutter solutions that may not always be right for you. Peanut Butter Publishing or Classic Day Publishing realizes that your book means more to you than just numbers. That’s why we believe that you will appreciate the attention to detail we provide.

Once you have perused the site, if you believe self-publishing is the right solution, we hope that you offer us the privilege of helping you fulfill your dream.


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