Welcome to Peanut Butter Publishing, one of the oldest independent publishing houses in the nation. We offer professional services to help you create an extension of your image. We work directly with you on all aspects of the publishing process, making you an informed decision maker. For over 49 years we’ve published close to 1,500 titles and provided necessary services that have helped authors accomplish their goals of producing and marketing a book that they are proud of. We work with experienced and first-time authors, for both require and deserve guidance through the process.

Peanut Butter Publishing has an additional imprint: Classic Day Publishing. It is common for publishing houses to have multiple imprints, though they fall under the same parent company. As an independent press, we let authors choose which imprint they would like associated with their book so that it best suits their brand and image.

We are experienced and flexible enough to produce a fantastic look and feel for virtually any type of book you have in mind. We’ve published titles under almost every genre, so we have an experienced team that can develop your manuscript into something exceptional. At Peanut Butter Publishing, our vast experience and personalized services will be tailored  to each individual. Some projects take authors a few years to finish, while others take decades. Regardless, the presentation of the final product is a critical benchmark, and we can guide you through every step with personalized, professional care. Independent publishing is the right solution for many writers. At Peanut Butter Publishing, we focus on building a relationship with our authors and producing high-quality publications. We understand that getting your first book on the market is important, so it is important to us that the final product represents the work and passion you devoted to your project. We will always make one promise: We will give you back a book that you will be proud of.

Most recently established companies focus directly on the mass production of the project itself, which ends with cookie-cutter solutions that may not always be right for you. Peanut Butter Publishing realizes that the quality of your book means more to you than quantity. That’s why we believe that you will appreciate the attention to detail our custom work provides. A package is an insult to your unique piece of work.

Publishing is an art, not science. If you feel that one size fits all, we are not the publisher for you.

We hope that you offer us the privilege of helping you fulfill your dream.


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