Testimonials about Our Self-Publishing Company

This is not just a testament, but also an endorsement of an extraordinary publisher, with an unparalleled criteria for professionalism and skill in the publishing industry. Their methodology is a culmination of profound dedication, emphasis on commitment to quality, perceptive insight into the publishing business, and a spectacular enthusiasm for the success of the book and its writer.

For this publisher, it’s whatever it takes to enhance and highlight your book, and make it an outstanding accomplishment.

The aftermath of that phenomenon is a book you’d proudly call your own. 

-Bella Levine, Author of House of White Lies

“You guys really are the leading publishers in the known galaxy. Thank you for all of your help.”

– Ed Miellio

“Writing and illustrating a children’s picture book was a lifelong dream of mine. After a tireless process of querying agents, I opted to go the self-publishing route. I was well informed on vanity publishers and had been contacted by phone from a firm as soon as my book was registered through the Library of Congress. I knew to avoid all vanity press, and that to maintain integrity as a self-published author I needed to find a publisher with a solid reputation. After some research, I came across the website for Peanut Butter/Classic Day Publishing. I called to inquire about setting up a meeting to discuss my book. To my delight, Elliott Wolf spent more than thirty minutes talking to me about my book, and my vision. He was very transparent about the requirements (how many pages the book would need to be), and about the cost. He welcomed me to send a sample of what I had to himself and his editor, Danielle Harvey. Both Elliott and Danielle are very professional and knowledgeable in the publishing and editing business. They were quick to answer questions and maintained a very transparent attitude regarding cost, expectations, and what the final product would look like. If you are like me and seeking to bring your dream of self-publishing your work to reality, and want to have a beautiful high-quality product, then Peanut Butter/Classic Day publishing may be right for you. The cost is not minimal but keeping in mind that your work will be in this world for a lifetime, then perhaps the cost is comparable to the high quality of the final product. I could not be happier with how my book When Your Cookie Crumbles turned out. And appreciate the input and expertise that Elliott and Danielle offered during the publishing process.”

– Rachel Howard, Author of When Your Cookie Crumbles

“We really enjoyed our association with Elliott and Danielle at PBP. They were attentive, encouraging, and very professional. Also very timely. Easy to work with. And, the final product was everything we had hoped for, if not more. The book cover and interior were superb, and the website looked great, too. I personally liked working with a smaller, hands-on firm, where I felt like we received lots of attention.”

– Michael Snarr, Author of Long Shots and Layups: Memories and Stories from the Golden Era of the Utah Jazz

“I have been using Peanut Butter/Classic Day Publishing for several years and have had a wonderful relationship with them. They are currently editing book #6 for me, and I have always found them to be very professional, easy to work with, and responsive to my needs and questions. I will continue to use them for further publication—no need for me to go elsewhere.”

– Keith Thye, Author of Moto Raid, Ride On, The Whole Story, The Misadventures of Rusty Kenneficke, The Further Life of Rusty Kenneficke, and Rusty Kenneficke’s 3rd Quarter

“Peanut Butter Publishing took us from an idea and a rough manuscript, to a beautiful finished project. We felt well cared for and had many options, which Elliott and Danielle helped us with their combined years of expertise. Communication was excellent, as we had no surprises along the way. I can highly recommend Peanut Butter Publishing!”

– Sue Coccia, Author of Every Critter Has a Tale

“Peanut Butter Publishing has given me the avenue with the publishing of my books: Radiant, Light Rail in the Valley, Pain Inflicted by a Nation, Reconstruction 1866 through 1880; Divided by Foolishness, Hatred, and Greed, and Freedom: Where Do You Find It;  Corruption is What Our Presidents Do Best.

Each one of my books is geared to the education for the youth, and to others as supplemental reading that has not been provided by the educational system given here in the United States, in regard to the history of the atrocities that has been placed upon the descendants of the slaves since the birth of this country.

Each of these books will give the reader a vision that has never been told to the majority of citizens and students, to make a well-rounded person understand the true history of the country and what it has done.”

– Harold Wright, Author of  Radiant, Light Rail in the Valley, Pain Inflicted by a Nation, Reconstruction 1866 through 1880; Divided by Foolishness, Hatred, and Greed, and Freedom: Where Do You Find It; Corruption is What Our Presidents Do Best

“From the first day I met Elliott, I knew I was in good hands. He helped me publish my first book, a collection of my first cartoons from my web strip Jetlagged Comic. Since my comics are in full color, the book had to be too. The professional print quality of my book blew me away, and still does. Customers who buy my book frequently comment on how beautiful it is. Elliott was himself professional, supportive, and available throughout the entire process. He really knows how to publish a great book!”

–  Kelly Kincaid, Author of Airplane Mode

“I have had the pleasure of working with Elliott Wolf and Classic Day Publishing on the 2004 publication of my book, (with Phyllis Klaus), When Survivors Give Birth, now in its 11th printing! Always reliable and very pleasant to work with, and punctual, Elliott and his team have always carefully shepherded the book through every step in production. I am most satisfied.”

– Penny Simkin, PT, Author of When Survivors Give Birth, which has been reprinted thirteen times

“If you’re a new author looking for a break, Elliott Wolf and his team at Classic Day Publishing may be just the thing you’re looking for. They know what’s hot and what’s not, what’s worth pursuing and what’s worth shelving. In my case, they helped me take my manuscript off the shelf and get it into bookstores by guiding me through the entire publishing process, and they have never lost faith in me or in my novel. It’s nice to know that someone has your back in this industry.”

– Mateo Monda, Author of Midtown Madhatter

“I admit the name ‘Peanut Butter Publishing’ caught my eye as I began my search for someone to publish my book. And after meeting the owner, Elliott, for the first time, I knew this was the company for me. He was genuinely interested in both my book’s story and the story of the special project that the book is raising funds for.

As a first-time author, I needed help understanding the whole process. Peanut Butter Publishing walked me through each step, helped me gain knowledge, and shared their expertise. From start to finish, the staff was helpful and responsive, and their editing suggestions were invaluable (thanks Danielle).

Peanut Butter Publishing stays invested with an author well after a book is printed. They continue to offer guidance, ideas and suggestions, as they truly want you to sell your book. 

Would I choose Peanut Butter Publishing for a second book? Absolutely!”

– June Vanderhoff, Author of A Home for Gnome

“I recently published a 320-page, heavily illustrated book, and it would have been impossible without the dedicated experience of my editor, Danielle Harvey. She knew what would attract readers, knew when to push and when to back off and let me make changes. The result is just what I wanted and the feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive. I can’t thank Danielle and Classic Day Publishing enough for making what could have been a very dramatic experience into an enjoyable checkmark for this old man.”

– Dana Andrews, Author of Chasing the Dream

“I am a new novelist, so my level of knowledge in the publishing industry is minimal. Classic Day Publishing conforms to your needs no matter your skill level. They are “the elite” in the industry, with 49 years of experience. My editor enhanced my work instead of dismantling my work, which kept my creativity true to my own style. This promotes wellness for your psyche and curves writers block, etc. You feel united and genuinely supported. A writer’s guardian! Danielle helped me with a simple building block, step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter approach, with ease throughout the production, which kept the focus on the pages, and I could stay in my craft. It was perfect synergy.

I am thrilled to be one of their authors. They have been encouraging me throughout the entire process with kindness and care, which keeps you inspired to keep going. I’ve dreamed of being a writer for years. This is a new novelist’s dream!”

– Eliza Quinn, Author of Red Attempt

“The team at Peanut Butter Publishing was a pleasure to work with and the entire process was fairly seamless. I appreciated their expertise in publishing which allowed me to focus on what I do best, writing.  In addition, the questions they asked helped me dig deeper and reach further than I ever imagined. I am pleased with the final result and will definitely use them for my next creation!”

– Sarah Ditty, Author of Chaos No More!

“I’ve published two books with Peanut Butter Publishing, and have sold thousands, and couldn’t be happier. Elliott Wolf and his team are seasoned, dedicated publishing professionals committed to getting it right.”

– Tom Hobson, Author of Teacher Tom’s First Book and Teacher Tom’s Second Book, which are available around the globe

“The staff at Classic Day Publishing has been terrific to work with through all the phases of getting my book to the readers. They have been extremely professional and helpful through all the various aspects of publishing the book, as well as providing creative marketing ideas. The attention to detail of their editorial staff instilled a tremendous degree of confidence in me that the finished product would meet the highest standards. I would recommend Classic Day Publishing without any reservations.”

– Roger Stark, Author of Health Care Policy Simplified

“Thank you for assisting us in re-printing The Golfing Machine. You make our re-printing a joy, thanks.”

– Joe Daniels, Author of The Golfing Machine, which has been consistently re-printed since 1969

“I reached out to Classic Day Publishing when I wanted to publish my book because I was looking for a local experience. From our first meeting everyone has been so wonderful and helpful. They helped me take my story and turn it into a published book. Danielle was a thorough editor and I enjoyed our regular meetings to bounce ideas back and forth and plan out the future for my book series. It was a pleasure to work with Classic Day and I would absolutely return to them for my future publication needs.”

– Gary Merritt, Author of The Altered Adventure Trilogy

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