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Seattle is no stranger to independent publishing. It is the home of many authors who made their dreams a reality with Peanut Butter Publishing. Every book and author make their mark in a unique way. Our publishing house publishes books in a variety of genres. The process starts with a manuscript and ends with a custom-designed, published book. Peanut Butter Publishing assures authors in the Seattle area that they will have a book to display locally, across the state, the nation, and globally.

Seattle has the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the CenturyLink Field, but that’s not all. It has an active literary community of authors that understand the value and quality of independent publishing. Each author has taken pride in their work and is active in the publishing process. Our publishing house guarantees you have control and that you will see your manuscript transform into a finished book. Authors write about a variety of topics and are as happy to be represented by us as we are to be representing them.

Peanut Butter Publishing Books in the Seattle Area:

de-pop by Russell Ford


Russell Ford’s action thriller, de-pop, is full of adventure, controversy and science. His sequel, re-ring, is demanded and set to be released later this year. de-pop tackles the issue of population control and how involved the government is without us knowing it, or choosing not to see it. His protagonist Neah Bey captivates readers and is a character to be remembered, because you’ll see him popping up on shelves across the country. Russell takes pride in his work and listen for him on the radio for his upcoming interviews.

“Look out Dan Brown, there is a new kid in town.”
– C.O., Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

“All the technology described in de-pop is based in fact, and that alone is very disturbing.”
– Dr. D.C., Bellevue, WA


Hi Diddle Diddle, Read a Bird a Riddle by Georgette Valle

hi diddle diddle

Georgette Valle served in the Washington State House of Representatives for 24 years and later on the Burien City Council. She’s famous in Washington politics and is an inspiration to women everywhere. Her recent book, Hi Diddle Diddle, Read a Bird a Riddle is her second self published novel with Peanut Butter publishing. She is an environmentalist and has published a book with bird riddles, creating a fun way to learn about birds in the Pacific Northwest and Arizona. The book showcases original illustrations and beautiful layout.

“Having served with Georgette Valle in the legislature for many years, I have watched her bring her passion and enthusiasm to everything she does. Whether it’s in acting, laws, or watching birds. She is an accomplished storyteller whose quick wit and wonderful sense of humor captivates her readers. I look forward to her next adventure.”
Mike Kreidler, Washington State Insurance Commissioner

“In addition to her tradition of dedicated service to the people of Washington state as our long time state representative, Georgette Valle is an environmentally conscious steward of our beloved Puget Sound and its varied and precious inhabitants.”
Debra Valpy


An Unforeseen Journey by Mary Van Valkenburg

unforseen journey

An Unforeseen Journey is a visual spectacle with unique and artistic design. This is a historical non-fiction book about Decatur Island and the author’s family. Through in-depth stories, photos and historical documents you will read about the Howell family’s life on Decatur Island, Washington; and the hardships and rewards of their lives as pioneer settlers. Be captured by not only the stories, but the history of the island and its people.


Book Club Teacher’s Guide by Sarah Collinge

book club teachers guide

Sarah Collinge is no stranger to self publishing, and no stranger to success. This is one of many books she has published with Peanut Butter publishing and each book is used in several schools. She’s an educator with a vision and took the step to get her work out there. The C.I.A Book Club Teacher’s Guides provide teachers with a logical and inspired continuation and extension of lessons conveyed in C.I.A units of study.  Each guide outlines how to place students in appropriate groupings, manage the differentiated instruction block, and engage students in authentic oral and written response.

“I have used book clubs in my classroom previously, but they were unorganized and didn’t have much individual accountability. Now I have the tools to turn book clubs into engaging challenging experiences for all my readers.”
-Tony Koumaros, 4th Grade Teacher, Lake Stevens, WA


Aunt Bunny’s Favorite Recipes by Bud

aunt bunny's favorite recipies

Sometimes authors want someone in their family to be remembered and pay their respects by sharing their work with the world. Bunny’s husband Bud self published this book with Peanut Butter publishing to share his wife’s cooking with readers after she passed away in 2005. As their life together evolved – especially after settling down from their eventful activities in various parts of the world – Bunny found great joy in having family and friends come over for visits and stay for meals. And, as you can guess, she built up a big set of recipes which everyone enjoyed.


Dining in seattle: Past and Present by Andrea Lott, Andrea Umbach and Elliott Wolf

dining in seattle

Dining in seattle is one of many “Dining In” books that have been published for various cities around the country.

Dining in seattle: Past and Present is a brilliant union of 21 of seattle’s most acclaimed restaurants today, combined with legendary restaurants of the past four decades. While some of your favorite restaurants many no longer exist in brick and mortar, this book will lead you on a nostalgic culinary tour of seattle’s golden era as the gourmet revolution began.

“If you’re in the mood to cook up some local flavor, flip through the pages of Dining In seattle: Past and Present, a new cookbook inspired by 21 of seattle’s most acclaimed restaurants. The cookbook features 312 recipes for appetizers, entrees and desserts by top restaurateurs such as Tom Douglas, the Canlis family, and Holly Smith. Try your hand at preparing the popular Bananas Foster from El Gaucho, Seven Flavor Beef from Wild Ginger or Crispy Skinned Salmon from Flying Fish restaurant in seattle. Each featured restaurant offers a full-course dinner, along with wine pairings, tips, and easy-to-read recipes for each course.”
-Lindsay Larin, The Scene


I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig by Beau Phillips

i killed pink floyd's pig

This book was and is a huge success and has received nationwide attention. It has been featured in LA Weekly and Beau has had several successful interviews.

This is a collection of funny, decadent, outrageous stories about rock’s greatest superstars. It’s your all-access pass…and behind-the-scenes VIP tour of when rock was great. When air was clean. When gas was cheap. When disco sucked. So climb in the limo and strap in.

“Beau has seen all of the rock and roll craziness – and this book is loaded with amazing stories.”
– Sammy Hagar

“This is like the day after a wild party, with the guy who has all the crazy stories…and starred in a few!”
Kirk Stirland, President, Programming, Westwood One Radio

“Beau takes you backstage, in the dressing rooms and on private plans alongside rock legends. So fun!”
– Andy Schuon, President REVOLT, former executive VP, MTV


The Growth of an Interfaith Friendship by William Treacy

This is the most recent title Father William Treacy has self published with Peanut Butter publishing. Father Treacy runs a religious camp called the Treacy Levine Center (Previously called Camp Brotherhood) in Mount Vernon and reaches out to people in need of spiritual guidance. In this title he pays his respects to his old partner Rabbi Levine. The two started the camp together and promote Interfaith connectivity and brotherhood. Treacy and Levine were featured on Challenge which had a 14 year run on KOMO-TV where faiths came together to discuss religion, morals, and how everyone can work together towards a greater good.


Airplane Mode by Kelly Kincaid

airplane mode

Kelly’s book is funny and appeals to people all too familiar with air travel. She’s a cartoonist and live professional doodler who makes hilarious cartoons. She used to be a flight attendant and had people in this profession in mind when she wrote the book. Since then she has received rave reviews from flight crews and passengers around the world. Peanut Butter publishing helped Kelly self publish a book and effectively reach her audience, and laughs on planes around the world were heard.

“Kelly’s cartoons are a funny and insightful take on the miles and turbulations of modern aviation!”
– Timothy Rhys, film director and editor-in-chief of MovieMaker Magazine

“Kelly perfectly captures the crazy lifestyle of a flight attendant through her art. Jetlagged is smart and funny, the Seinfeld of our little airline world! Intelligent humor at its best!”
– Sara Keagle, flight attendant and author of The Flying Pinto’s Flight Attendant Survival Guide


Use Your Noodle, Doodle! by Sheri page

use your noodle doodle

The energy and antics of Sheri’s goldendoodle, Bode, might seem familiar to many dog lovers but especially to those with a “doodle” in their lives. Even a good dog can have a bad day. What happens when Grandma comes to visit and an overenthusiastic goldendoodle dog, with his bouncing and pouncing ways, turns her world upside down? With playful rhyme and beautiful, sensitive illustrations, this book takes the reads on a journey form mishap to celebration, with many life lessons for the entire family.


Pain Inflicted by a Nation by Harold Wright

pain inflicted by a nation

Harold has been an activist for African American business and labor in the building construction industry since 1960 and is also the author of Radiant and Light Rail in the Valley. He lives in seattle with his wife.

Pain Inflicted by a Nation will only highlight the misuse of African American people. Their history has never been told truthfully. Harold brings matters to readers’ attention like hidden history and African American potential. As you read this book you will find areas the author has stressed his ideas and thought, and then you will find quotations from others inserted throughout these pages.

“African American people need to develop such documents in order to preserve the history of our suffering, allowing us to document the ways in which this nation has abused us. But of course, we were not the only victims. We resisted our victimization and so documents of this sort must also include an enumeration of our attempts to resist our victimization. We must not, indeed, we dare not, forget our history for it is part of who we are today. Mr. Harold Wright, the author of Pain Inflicted by a Nation, is making a contribution to this effort.”
– Albert W. Black, Ph. D, Sociology, University of California Berkeley


My Last Trip with Carol by Frank Kennerley

my last trip with carol

This book is a compilation of diary entries detailing Frank and Carol’s relationship, form the first day they met, their courtship, engagement and wedding, to Frank’s journey as a caregiver. Alzheimer’s is tragic, but with love and support, there is light. Frank’s dedication to his wife is admirable and he encourages others to have a positive outlook. Frank’s story was featured on 24 Hours News 8 where he says, “I would do it all over again, I love you.”

“This book is a depiction of the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease and the struggles of caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s. It also provides lessons, obstacles, and memories shared through the eyes of a care partner and a man who loves, and devoted his life to caring for, his wife.”
– Marissa D.

“This book was an inspiration. Not only of a love so un-wavering, but the perseverance of a caregiver. Frank gave us an amazing perspective of his journey, finding his soul mate and losing her piece by piece to a such a horrendous disease. I think this wills serve to give many caregivers the strength they need by knowing they aren’t on this journey alone.”
– Samantha J.

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