Frequently Asked Questions about Self-Publishing

What differentiates Peanut Butter Publishing from large publishers like Random House or HarperCollins?

Peanut Butter Publishing can offer to you nearly all the services that a large publishing house can provide. With us, you maintain the artistic and financial control that you would lose with a large publisher, and reap a much higher return on book sales. If you have a solid plan, you can do very well for yourself. Peanut Butter Publishing can put its experience to work for you on such a plan. We can help you minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities.

Why is it so difficult to get published through conventional means?

The number of traditionally published books is growing every year. But despite the large number of books being published, the vast majority of them do not turn a profit. Simply put, there is a lot of competition, and conventional publishers are unable or unwilling to take many chances on unknown or inexperienced authors. If you try to use a conventional publishing route, you could find yourself going through a painfully long, frustrating process that may ultimately end in rejection.

What is the difference between a self-publisher and an independent publisher?

Self-publishing applies to the person that writes a book and goes about finding designers, editors, printers, binders, etc., or they handle every role themselves. When you work with an independent press, you are hiring a team of professionals to develop your book with you. Instead of the guesswork that comes with self-publishing, independently publishing means you will have resources from those who have worked in the industry.

If I choose a small publisher, why should Peanut Butter Publishing be my choice?

There are over 86,000 small publishers in the United States. Each one publishes, on average, about seven books total. That’s total for their entire business. Peanut Butter Publishing has published nearly 1,500 titles. We have the experience and personalized services to help you make quality decisions and achieve your goals.

Can I really achieve my goals?

What are your goals? Who is your audience? What is your budget? How many copies should be printed? Who edits the book? Who designs the cover? How will it be marketed? What is the right price for the book?

Peanut Butter Publishing can help you answer these questions and help you plan to meet your goals. Oftentimes books aren’t made to make money, but created to expose a message, idea, or story that your audience has yet to experience.

Can you help me get my book in bookstores or sold online?

Yes we can, but there are many things you should know, such as that all books sold to bookstores are returnable. There are a great number of misconceptions about book sales that an author needs to understand. That is one of the reasons an established publisher like Peanut Butter Publishing can be so valuable to your efforts.

Are there other advantages to independent publishing?

Several. Let’s talk about speed, control, and economic potential:

  • Speed: In the rare instances that you might get a manuscript published by a traditional publishing house, authors may wait for up to two years or more to see their work published. Peanut Butter Publishing can take a project from start to finish in a fraction of the time.
  • Control: Once a traditional publishing house buys a manuscript, the author will generally lose control over just about everything from the design, to the number of copies printed, to the marketing. It is quite possible for the content itself to be changed in a material fashion to fit into the publisher’s idea of what market it might reach.
  • Economic Potential: Typically, publishing royalties are 6 to 15% of the retail selling price. When you publish through Peanut Butter Publishing, you pay for the services you use up front and then receive 100% of the revenue generated by the books. If you have a solid plan in place, your income potential can be much greater than with a traditional publisher.

Is Peanut Butter Publishing competitively priced?

Absolutely. With 86,000 small publishers in business, we are sure there will be some publishers priced a little lower, but those are generally the “cookie-cutter” outfits that want to whip out as many publications as possible. When you engage Peanut Butter Publishing, you will not only get a fair price, but will also develop a long-term relationship designed to make your publishing experience a successful one. We’re a boutique of sorts, not a vanity publisher who prints books in an assembly-line fashion.

So, how much will it cost?

There is no way to answer that question without discussing your individual project. Peanut Butter Publishing knows the right questions to ask. Our pricing will be fair, and we will help you avoid potentially very costly mistakes by helping you plan the project from start to finish. Getting the very best out of a publishing house is usually not inexpensive, but in the end, if you pay for the best, then you will get it. We have an outstanding reputation and treat each project uniquely and with respect.

Why are there two names, Classic Day Publishing and Peanut Butter Publishing?

Simply put, to provide a personal choice for our authors. There is a logo associated with each name, and the author may choose which best suits them. Imprints are designed to represent the author, manuscript, and brand, and we believe the author should make the decision as to which name fits their work.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us; we’d be happy to spend time with you and address any issues you may have.

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