At Peanut Butter Publishing, we understand that taking the first step to publish is a challenging one. Our job is to guide you through process at any stage.

We are not a “template” kind of company, just looking to “check the boxes.” Instead, we collaborate with you directly to custom build a plan that will work specifically for you, your manuscript, and your budget. We provide full publishing services from start to finish: editing, layout design, cover design, copyright, ISBN, BISAC, LOC, books in print, printing, marketing, publicity, fulfillment, and distribution. Additionally, we utilize as many of your strengths and encourage as much participation from you as possible. Our goal is to provide a book which you will be proud of; nothing moves forward without your approval.

The first step is giving us a call or submitting an inquiry form:“Describe Your Manuscript or Questions.” Peanut Butter Publishing will follow up with important questions about your project, such as:

“How would you describe your manuscript?”

“What part of the bookstore would you find it in?”

“Who is your audience?”

“What do you want to accomplish through publication?”

“Are your goals local, regional, national, or international?”

We want to maximize your investment and achieve your goals with a quality book that is custom tailored to you.

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